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In Legal Terms: UAPs

What a month we’ve had. Weather balloons collecting data, unidentified aerial phenomenon doing who knows what. If something is flown over your house, what are your rights? Can you pilot a device wherever you’d like? We’re talking Air and Space Law with one of its directors – Professor Michelle Hanlon.

Senate Bill 2022 ( passed in 2015)

According to this law, any person who looks through a window, hole, or opening, or otherwise views by means of any instrumentality, including, drones into the interior of any area in which the occupant has a reasonable expectation of privacy, with the intent to invade the privacy of a person or persons inside and without the consent or knowledge of every person present, shall be guilty of a felony.

If you’re thinking about operating a drone at the University of Mississippi, you better have read their 5 page policy concerning Unmanned Aircraft Systems otherwise known as drones. At the end of their written policy, they’ve added some helpful links to FAA regulations. So for help learning what’s legal and allowable, check out their policy – even if you’re not in Oxford.

Professor Michelle Hanlon, co-director for the Center for Air and Space Law, has been welcomed to the show a few times before.



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