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In Legal Terms: Drones

What do you know about drones? Are you involved in piloting one? Have you ever had one fly over your house while you were in the backyard? Our guests Michelle Hanlon, Co-Director of the Center for Air and Space Law and an instructor of aviation and space law, and law student Nestor Delgado will be here to answer your questions.

Our experts want to work with you to find out what concerns you about drones and where think the law should go.

  • Prof. Hanlon
  • For All Moonkind
  • Mr. Delgado's work with legislation
  • MS legislation
  • FAA rules
  • working with ComTIA manual for law enforcement


  • how dones affect birds (our experts couldn't say)
  • building own drones
  • regulation on how close drones are allowed to come - "it depends"
  • peeping Toms

Find out who represents you and makes your laws:

Follow Mississippi's legislation:

Read about: A Summary Of Human History On The Moon at

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