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In Legal Terms: Animal Rights with PETA

From MPB Think Radio, this In Legal Terms, the show all about you and your rights. Well, not “your rights”. Today is about animals and THEIR rights. Our guest is Jared Goodman, General Counsel of Animal Law for The PETA Foundation.

On April 6th, 2021 we had as a guest PETA Foundation’s Deputy General Counsel for Captive Animal Law Enforcement.

If you’re an animal lover or like hearing about nature, you’ll probably like Creature Comforts, MPB’s Thursday 9am Central call in show. Creature Comforts is also a podcast:

If you’re looking to adopt or if you need someone to take over an animal you’ve found consider looking at the website And if you’ve worked with a shelter, they’d like you to leave a review for others to know what to expect with that facility.

Ukraine efforts:

Cruel Wildlife Control:

Animal experimentation:

Mississippi and the Animal Legal Defense Fund:


  • neighbor's dog
  • abusers
  • roadside zoos
  • controlled hunts
  • kill shelters
  • volunteers and vets

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