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In Legal Terms: Voting Rights with The RECH Foundation

It’s primary election day in Mississippi. Polls are open until 7pm. We’ll talk about voting today with my guest Pauline Rogers, Executive Director/Co-Founder The RECH Foundation

Formerly Incarcerated Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM).

October 7th - General Election Voter Registration Deadline

When you go to the polls today or any time you go to vote, what types of photo IDs may be used on Election Day?

What if I don’t have any of the acceptable forms of photo ID? 

What if my ID is expired?

Voters whose names do not appear in the poll book or do not have an acceptable form of ID are entitled to vote by affidavit ballot.

If you have a problem at the polls today or any election day you can call the League of Women Voters 1-866-OUR-VOTE That’s 866-687-8683

You can file an elections complaint if you have trouble voting.

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    Happy New Year! What I mean is, Happy “ Fiscal “ New Year. Our state starts a new year with new laws. We’ll learn about those new laws from MPB’s legislative reporter – Will Stribling. We’ll learn what laws didn’t pass also.The Mississippi Public Service Commission, on June 13, 2024, approved a new area code to be assigned to the same area occupied by the 662 code. The new area code is 471. Existing 662 customers will keep their current telephone numbers, but new customers, or requests for additional lines, may be assigned the new 471 area code once it’s activated. Further updates will be announced as the implementation process begins in late 2025 or early 2026.We had Public Service Commissioner, for the Northern District, Chris Brown on In Legal Terms April 9th. You can listen to that podcast to learn more about the Public Service Commission. You can find out vehicle information by listening to MPB’s Auto Correct. On recent broadcast/podcasts Germaine Flood and Master Mechanic Coach Charlie Melton talked about 2 bills that recently passed the Mississippi legislature: House Bill 0349 Squatted vehicles; prohibit modifications to motor vehicle which raise front fender a certain height above the rear fender. bans vehicles with front fenders that are four or more inches higher than rear fenders.Senate Bill 2695 Driver's education; revise certain provisions related thereto.If you’re interested in finding out what our Mississippi House and Senate members are up to you can read or watch them online. is the website to read about measures.Now, if you want power yourself – you can register to vote. The Mississippi Secretary of State’s website has a wealth of information about registering to vote. October 7th is the deadline for registering to vote in the November general election.AUGUST 7th             Qualifying Period Begins. First day candidates may file petitions and/or qualifyingstatements for the offices of County School Board, Municipal Separate School DistrictTrustee, Special Municipal Separate School District Trustee or Consolidated/ConsolidatedLine School District Trustee. Think about it. Could you see yourself on your county’s school board?ILT Podcast about voting rightsILT Mobile sports betting podcast
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    We’re learning about adoption law today with our guest attorney, Chad King from the firm of Thompson Addison. Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services can give you more information about adoption and foster care. In Legal terms had their commissioner Andrea Sanders on a recent broadcast. also talked with folks from the Office of the State Defender about Youth and Family Defense Bill 2244      Foster care children; allow free access to museums and state parks, allow free transcripts from colleges and junior colleges. Was a bill recently passed by our Mississippi legislature. We’ll learn about that and other new laws next week on In Legal Terms. If you like watching videos or documentaries about adoption – The MPB Public Media App and is for you! Many of the videos are free to watch. But if you are a sixty dollar annual contributor (that could be five dollars a month), you have the member benefit of Passport. You’re able watch any of the videos online and on our app. 
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    Department of Public Safety? What all is that and how does it affect you? Eric Brown, General Counsel for MSPS will tell us. Guest co-host Adam Kilgore General Counsel, The Mississippi Bar. volunteers are needed to serve as judges during the 2024 Mississippi High School Mock Trial Competition, sponsored annually by the YLD of the Mississippi Bar. There will be three Regional Competitions: Southern on January 27 in Gulfport, Central on February 3 in Jackson, and Northern on February 10 in Oxford. The Statewide Competition will be March 1-2 in Jackson. More Info: you thought about a career in law enforcement? In Legal Terms did a show with the director of training from the North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center . You can find that podcast from December 21st 2021 here: 12th is the Primary Election Voter Registration Deadline: Applicants who register in-person in the Circuit Clerk’s office on that day and those who mail registration applications postmarked no later than February 12th are eligible to vote in the March 12, 2024 Primary Elections. If you want to have a say in who is nominated by ONE party or THE OTHER for president, or the 4 House of Representatives seats or Senator Rodger Wicker’s Senate seat you have less than 2 weeks to get registered. News for 2024State Sex Offender Registry
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    Some good news has come out of our latest legislative session; ways to protect youth and families. We’ll let our guests from the Office of the State Public Defender explain: André de Gruy, State Defender, Jennifer Morgan - Family Defense Program Manager, and Tonya Rogillio - IDT Coordinator. We’re talking about the Youth and Family Defense Program.One place to find a directory of public defender is the Office of State Public Defenders: and click on Find a Public Defender. There you’ll see Felony level, certified parent, certified youth, and certified death penalty defenders.There’s a Juneteenth Free Expungement Clinic Saturday, June 15th 2024 from 9am to noon in Canton. Get the address and list of things you MUST bring by checking the Office of State Public Defender’s facebook page postIf you’re interested in hearing more about the work from the office of State Public Defender, André de Gruy, check out our past podcasts:In Legal Terms: Juvenile Life Without Parole 05/16/2024 In Legal Terms: Public Defenders 11/15/2022In Legal Terms: Public Defender System ReformsIn Legal Terms: Bail 02/09/2021 In Legal Terms: Capital Defense 10/15/2019
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    We’ve all bought something before. Have you bought something that has harmed you? Whose fault is that? We’ll learn about product liability law with attorney Trey Bourn from Butler Snow.The website has a long long list of News & Events you can select from to learn more about many subjects. More information about our guest can be found as well as the blog: Product Lines you’re interested in the topic of product liability, In Legal Terms did another podcast on the topic a couple of years ago. you need help selecting a lawyer there’s a “How to Select A Lawyer” article on the Mississippi Bar website. The destruction or alteration of evidence resulting from a party's failure to preserve evidence relevant to a litigation or investigation.
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    Jury duty – there’s two ways to think of it: a chance to do your American civic duty or a big disruption to your life. How do you see it? We’ll learn more about Jury duty today with attorney Charles “Chuck” Mullins from Coxwell and Associates. If you like to read up on personal injury, nursing home abuse, dog bite law or so many other topics before you act when choosing an attorney Coxwell has a huge list of topics you can learn about. You can also learn about today’s guest – Charles Mullins, the attorney who’s helping us learn about jurys. are different kinds of juryies. If you travel more than 50 miles and need to stay overnight, you might be reimbursed for a hotel, mileage, and get a daily attendance fee. Read your details!’ll have the Mississippi Bar’s video about being on a jury on our information page. and Juror's Guide ( the website If you receive a phone call stating that you have missed your jury duty service and you are in contempt of court, please immediately contact the DeSoto County Sheriff. No one from this office will ever direct you to pay a contempt of court fine over the phone.
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    Attorney Francis Springer has a unique point of view – he’s an attorney but he’s also been a deputy sheriff. We’ll learn about your rights when interacting with police; how you could or shouldn’t handle a stop.You can find a complete list of traffic laws in Mississippi in Title 63 “Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations” of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated 349 was passed and signed into law by Governor Tate Reeves during the last legislative session. It’s a ban on “squatted vehicles,” which prohibits modifications to motor vehicles which raise front fender a certain height above the rear fender.Auto Correct discussed this on their suspension broadcast on May 2nd 2024. Mississippi has a webpage that provides tips for interacting with police and understanding your rights.