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In Legal Terms: Tax Laws 2021

Every now and then I have to give a gift to Professor Gershon – a show about his favorite topic: the IRS tax code! So, this is your chance to ask about probing questions about IRAs and making charitable contributions – and other tax deductions.

Internal Revenue Service

The IRS form W 4 is what lists out what you want withheld from income you are due. If you have multiple jobs or you and your spouse both work or you receive income from other sources you might want to take a closer look at your withholding.

April 18th, 2022 is Tax Day

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In Legal Terms: Family Law Task Force

Mississippi Family Law could be changing. There’s a task force considering reforms. We’ll learn what needs to be reformed and what some possible options are with our guest Judge Troy Odom. Odom who was a guest on our show 08112020 to talk about the Chancery Court.,%20domestic%20relations.phpThe Task Force, composed of judges, attorneys, child advocates, and law professors, will study models used by other states for child support, child care, and support expenses and will analyze current trends of law regarding no-fault divorce, child support payments past the age of majority for disabled children, and costs for guardians ad litem who represent the best interests of children.The 2021 Legislature established a task force to study Mississippi’s domestic relations laws and to develop recommendations to the Legislature and the Mississippi Supreme Court for the purpose of revising Mississippi’s domestic relations laws and rules of court. Our guest is Judge Troy Odom a member of that task force.In Legal Terms has talked about Family Law before. You can find our broadcasts about: Divorce and Money 051121 Laws affecting Children 030320 031720 and taxes 031020 Custody 021919 2018