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In Legal Terms: SCOTUS

A new term of the US Supreme Court started last month. What have they discussed, what will they discuss, and who’s on the bench doing the discussing? Our guest for the show today is attorney Max Meyers from the Mississippi Center for Justice.

Did you know there were Justices on our US money?  John Marshall was on the $500 bill, while Salmon P. Chase was on the $10,000 bill. Neither bill is in circulation today. 

We are in the area of the Robert’s Court. It is the 17th.  Supreme Court historians categorize eras in court history by the name of the chief justice presiding over the court and its sessions. There have been 17 chief justices and hence, 17 “Courts.”

Did you know there was a Grandfather / grandson justice duo? John Marshall Harlan II served from 1955 to 1971. His grandfather was the legendary John Marshall Harlan, who served on the Court from 1877 to 1911. The elder Harlan was known as the Great Dissenter for his opposition to rulings that promoted Jim Crow laws in the South.

  • Creation of Supreme Court, powers, members.
  • Now many members, Stare Decisis.

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