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In Legal Terms: Justice Court

It’s election day – I hope you’ll exercise your civic duty and vote. Our guest is an elected official that is NOT up for re-election just now – it’s Hinds County Justice Court Judge Kenny Lewis. We’ve also got Justice Court Clerk Patricia Woods.

Judge Kenny Lewis

Justice Court Clerk Patricia Woods

Manual for Justice Court:

Training from Judicial College. Our podcast 10/29/2019 In Legal Terms: MS Judicial College

Mississippi Center for Justice

Podcast: 1/15/2019 In Legal Terms: League of Women Voters

If you get to the poll and don’t have your current ID:

After you go to to see what your races are you can go to vote The League of Women voters sent out questionnaires to candidates. They’ve put word for word the responses. Learn a little bit about your judges – who took the time to reply – so you’ll be an informed voter.

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