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In Legal Terms: Initiatives Uncontitutional

Did anyone see this coming? Surprise! It doesn’t matter whether you wanted medical marijuana or not or you wanted Initiative 65 or the Alternative – Mississippi voters can not at this time pass any initiatives – the process is unconstitutional no matter the subject area. This morning we’re talking about the recent – last Friday – Mississippi Supreme Court ruling that our state’s initiative process is unconstitutional with our guest: attorney Mark Garriga of Butler Snow.

Mississippi Supreme Court Strikes Down Medical Marijuana and the Initiative Process

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  • AG letter
  • reuse petitions
  • don't blame the court
  • previous initiatives
  • statute of limitations
  • it's up to the legislature
  • Governor Tate Reeves
  • Changing the initiative
  • What can people do?

Contact your representative on Mississippi's legislature that creates your laws:

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In Legal Terms: Airline Passenger Rights

A consumer is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled a flight, regardless of the reason, and the consumer chooses not to travel. Also: A consumer is entitled to a refund if the airline made a significant schedule change and/or significantly delays a flight and the consumer chooses not to travel.According to the US Department of Transportation: if you have a flight cancellation or delay that was controllable by the airline you might be entitled to:Rebook passenger on same airline at no additional cost for significant delaysRebook on partner airline or another airline with which it has an agreement at no additional cost for significant delaysMeal or meal cash/voucher when flight delay results in passenger waiting 3 hours or moreComplimentary hotel accommodations for any passenger affected by an overnight delayComplimentary ground transportation to and from hotel for any passenger affected by an overnight delayYou can also see what airlines guarantee that families with children can sit together.  If you’ve got some flights in your future you might want to learn what’s the best option for you – Should you sign up for Clear? Or TSA PreCheck? Or Global entry? Each are ways, for a price! you can expedite your security screening at airports. CLEAR allows for a quick identity verification experience. Clear reduces your wait time even further by automating the identity verification process and whisking travelers to the front of security lines.With TSA PreCheck, you’ll get access to an expedited security line and reduced security measures. You can leave your shoes, belt and a light jacket on, and you can leave your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids in your bag. PreCheck is available at more than 200 airports with 80 airlines. It costs $85 for five years.Global Entry (which includes TSA PreCheck) is an incredibly useful tool for the frequent flyer since it allows you to clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection in minutes after a trip abroad. It costs $100 for five years. If you have a flight to the European Union, and it’s delayed 3 hours or more, you might be entitled to over $600 dollars! I’ll have a link to the Air Passenger’s rights on the show information for this podcast.

In Legal Terms: Wills, Estates, & your DNA

The contents of a will or the lack of one can tear a family apart. What happens if a new, unknow family members asserts they are a descendent due to DNA testing? We’ll talk wills and estates with attorney Kelly Kyle. Kyle Wynn is an exclusively elder law and estate planning law firm serving clients in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee for more than forty-two years from offices in Madison, Hernando, and Diamondhead, Mississippi, and Arcadia, Louisiana podcasts:06/14/2022 In Legal Terms: Wills with Kelly Kyle In Legal Terms: Draft a Will In Legal Terms: Advanced Healthcare Directives In Legal Terms: Medical Directives you’re interested in DNA testing for ancestry purposes there are large data bases which many people participate such as 23 and Me or Ancestry dot com. You can purchase home DNA test kits from chain drug stores. The website for the Mississippi Bar has a page for the public concerning determining paternity if you’re interested In Legal Terms: Genetic Testing