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In Legal Terms: Income Taxes

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall are all lovely seasons but fleeting. It’s always tax season though. Whether you need to finish up from last year, get the jump on this year, or just learn some new information, it’s always time for a tax show with our favorite tax guru Professor Richard Gershon of the University Of Mississippi School Of Law.

If you’ve had other folks prepare your tax returns for you, the IRS has gotten much more “user friendly” has a “file your taxes for free” spot with information and links to software you can use.

The IRS is hiring 470 revenue agents who will specialize in auditing or examining both individual and business taxpayers nationwide. These positions are at grades 5-12 in the federal civil service system with a base pay ranging from $31,083 to $68,299. Throughout July, the IRS is holding a series of virtual information sessions for interested applicants.

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