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In Legal Terms: Draft a Will

We all know we need a will or some kind of estate planning but what information do you need to gather to create one? Can you create one yourself? What do you need to provide to an attorney to help you draft your estate plan for after you’ve died? Our guest is attorney Kelly Kyle.

The MPB Foundation has partnered with FreeWill to give you the ability to gather the information needed to create your will. If you go to their website: you’ll see the link for FreeWill. It’s a free service that FreeWill claims just takes 20 minutes to create or update your legally‑binding will. 


  • Aunt and Uncle died soon after one another - no will
  • What does "property" in a will mean
  • another couple who died
  • how to leave to one but not all
  • who needs a will
  • father who died
  • month who died

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