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In Legal Terms: Divorce and Taxes

Professor Richard Gershon (author of seventh edition of “A Student’s Guide to the Internal Revenue Code (with Professor Jeffrey A. Maine) talks about the tax issues surrounding divorce

  • Alimony - paid is taxable for divorces (or modified decrees ) after 2019. It's not taxable if received.
  • Child Support payments - never has been taxable
  • Property Settlements - basis stays the same when transferred from one spouse to another.

Release/Revocation of Release of Claim to Exemption for Child by Custodial Parent

Publication 504 (2019), Divorced or Separated Individuals

Here’s the new tax-advantaged way to pay alimony

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In Legal Terms: Child Custody

If there’s a child in your life, you’ll want to hear today’s show. It’s about custody and visitation during divorce. If you want to know what the law is, just ask our guest law Professor Deborah Bell.You can send us an email to our address legalterms@mpbonline.org you’re looking for free legal resources for your legal situation, the Mississippi Bar Association’s website suggests:American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi 601-354-3408 Charities Legal Assistance Clinic601-355-8634 Legal Defense601-650-7487 Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence and Northcutt Legal Clinic228-864-7144Crisis Line: 1-800-800-1396Pine Belt Office: 601-705-0139 First Legal Aid Office601-608-0056 Center for Legal Services 1-800-498-1804 College School of Law Clinical Programs 601-925-7180 Volunteer Lawyers Project 601-960-9577 Mississippi Rural Legal Services1-800-498-1804 of Mississippi School of Law Clinical Programs 662-915-7429 ad litemlicense to have kids?no fault divorce