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In Legal Terms: Divorce and Money

Divorce is a time that could change your financial status for the rest of your life. What do you need to know about alimony, child support, or who gets the retirement account? Our guest, Medora Justice, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Accredited Investment Fiduciary will speak about financial planning around a Divorce and answer your questions. Ms. Justice works for Hardy Reed. Medora Justuce,

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Money Talks the show broadcast live Tuesdays at 9am just before In Legal Terms has a podcast about divorce and taxes. Look for the Nov. 7th from 2017


  • Changing a divorce decree
  • Changing your name


  • Whati is a CDFA
  • Why to use a CDFA
  • Finanical issues in a divorce
  • Lawyer or no lawyer
  • Taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • Social Security

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