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In Legal Terms: Defund the Police?

Protest concerning police actions have taken place all over the country. One of the prominent signs held up was “Defund the Police”. What does that mean? It’s a catchy phrase for a poster but do Americans REALLY think the police should be abolished? Let’s learn from Cliff Johnson from the MacArthur Justice Center – Mississippi.

It’s been a minute since we’ve had someone from the MacArthur Justice Center – Our podcast from April 10th, 2018 with Cliff Johnson profiled the center and its work.

You can also go to their website:

Calls concerned:

  • children segregated in preschool
  • police target some groups don't target others
  • society needs to meet its needs
  • protesters blocking right of ways
  • small protests
  • police should be well vetted
  • we need police to do their job
  • police are needed

Cliff Johnson mentioned the written works of DeRay Mckesson.

Oxford’s Public Safety spent $15,632,569 out of total city expenditures of $73,666,538 or 21.2% of expenditures for the city.

Jackson’s Public Safety spent $60,996,096 out of total city expenditures of $159,729,856 or 38.2 % of expenditures for the city.

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