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In Legal Terms: Criminal Defense

Needing criminal defense must be one of the worst times in a person’s and a family’s life. We’d like to help out by providing some information, that we hope you won’t ever need! Our guest, attorney Francis Springer will answer some questions and help us become better informed.

If you’d like general information in addition to dockets, briefs, orders and opinions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Mississippi:

The Mississippi Bar suggests: You should choose a lawyer as you would a doctor, dentist, accountant or anyone who provides services. Comparison shop. Check the credentials of different attorneys. Discuss fees with them candidly. And don't forget to talk with them about the wisdom of retaining legal counsel in the first place.

The Mississippi Bar has a list of ProBono options – that means free. We also have a few podcasts dealing with the public defender system.

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What does it mean to be under arrest?

There are many courts that hear criminal cases.


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