In Legal Terms


In Legal Terms: Asylum and Immigration

Guests: Amelia McGowan and Max Meyers from the Mississippi Center for Justice to discuss Immigration and answer questions.

To contact the MS Center for Justice:

For the Jackson office call: (601) 352-2269.

For the Biloxi office call: (228) 435-7284.

To reach the Indianola office call:(662) 887-6570.

Their website also has a form to fill out to reach them. 

DACA Contact form:

Topics included:

  • Mississippi immigration situation
  • challenges faced by undocumented people
  • work of the Center for Justice
  • ICE raids
  • how to reach MS Center for Justice
  • what is asylum
  • how to qualify
  • what is DACA


  • gratitude
  • illegal vs legal entry to country
  • profiling
  • crimes


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