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In Legal Terms: AI Software

Guests: Megan McGrew, J.D., MBA, Lean Certified, PMP, SSBB; Technology Committee Chair for The Mississippi Bar and Director of Legal Process Engineering at Baker Donelson and Adam Kilgore, General Council for The Mississippi Bar

  • Whether you’re an attorney or might one day be a client, check out The Mississippi Bar website: ms bar dot org. So much information that’s good to know.
  • There are tons of awards to be given out in the Cornerstones of Democracy Virtual Law Day Art Contest. It’s open to kids in grades K through 12.
  • The Mississippi Bar has a health and wellness page on their website. It’s supposed to be for their members but anyone can click on the links to learn more about intellectual, emotional, and occupational health. Actually, there are 8 different types of health with a ton of information.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

In Legal Terms: guest Richard Courtney

In Legal Terms has been so grateful that Richard Courtney has been a guest on our show to discuss Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Law and other topics. You’ll find links to all his broadcasts on the information for this recording. In Legal Terms is heard live Tuesdays at 10am Central on MPB Think Radio and at mpb online / radio National Elder Law Month Trustees Wills Abuse Executors Special Needs Law Gap Act Wills and Probate Estate Planning Special Needs Law Month In Legal Terms: Estate Planning