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  • In Legal Terms: Estate Planning 2024

    MPB Think Radio’s In Legal Terms with expert host attorney Adam Kilgore. We’ve got our most popular topic on the show today – Estate Planning. Everyone will die at some point. If you want a say on what happens to your property after you die, now is the time to make plans. Our guest Elizabeth Wynn from Kyle-Wynn and Associates will give us tips. If you’d like to read up on estate planning, Kyle-Wynn’s website has a resources tab with pdfs with information on HIPPA, trusts, veteran’s benefits and Medicaid information. has a link and information about creating a will. There’s also information about leaving a legacy and planned donations. About 1 in 9 people (10.9%) age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s dementia. The percentage of people with Alzheimer’s dementia increases with age. 33.4% of people age 85 and older have Alzheimer’s dementia. People younger than 65 can also develop Alzheimer's dementia. Although prevalence studies of younger onset dementia in the U.S. are limited, researchers believe about 110 of every 100,000 people age 30 to 64 years, or about 200,000 Americans in total, have younger-onset dementia.

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  • In Legal Terms: Robert McDuff MCJ

    Our guest today is Robert McDuff from the Mississippi Center for Justice. Rob works with litigation cases relating to voting and election issues, racial discrimination, discrimination based on sexual orientation, reproductive freedom, police misconduct, consumer protection, and prisoners’ rights.Information about the work of the Mississippi Center for Justice, can be found on their website: on their social media accounts: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTubeIn Legal Terms: Loans Tuesday, March 14, 2023In Legal Terms: Champions of Justice – MSCJ; Tuesday, October 17, 2023In Legal Terms: LGBTQ+ Tuesday, October 11, 2022In Legal Terms: Public Funds Private Schools Tuesday, November 1, 2022 In Legal Terms: MCJ Heirs' Property Tuesday, May 24, 2022In Legal Terms: Heirs' Property Help Tuesday, November 9, 2021 In Legal Terms: Mississippi Center for Justice Tuesday, August 7, 2018In Legal Terms: Flowers v Mississippi Tuesday, October 13, 2020 In Legal Terms: Housing with MS Center for Justice Tuesday, April 21, 2020 If you’re interested in supporting the Mississippi Center for Justice, you’re in luck. They’re hiring. Their career page has a list of opportunities to work with the Center. They also accept donations since they are a not-for-profit organization. In Legal Terms: Law Libraries Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • In Legal Terms: The Mississippi Bar

    We're talking about The Mississippi Bar. Here to tell us about the work of The Mississippi Bar is their General Counsel Adam Kilgore and Deputy General Counsel Missye Scott.There are over 50 bar associations in Mississippi. can you look up a lawyer? to new In Legal Terms expert host: Adam Kilgore!
  • In Legal Terms: Medicaid

    Our laws are created to help us and protect us. We should try to know our laws and regulations, so we don’t step over the line so as to be illegal, but we should know where the line is to get the most of our rights. Richard Courtney is going to help us navigate the Mississippi laws of Medicaid.’s an easy to remember website where you can see if you qualify for Medicaid, locate a regional office, or watch a webinar. It’s you love to know your rights – you could go to “your path to government benefits” to learn more about Mississippi Medicaid. Medicaid has a twitter account: @MSMedicaid
  • In Legal Terms: guest Richard Courtney

    In Legal Terms has been so grateful that Richard Courtney has been a guest on our show to discuss Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Law and other topics. You’ll find links to all his broadcasts on the information for this recording. In Legal Terms is heard live Tuesdays at 10am Central on MPB Think Radio and at mpb online / radio Medicaid Marriage & Estates National Elder Law Month Trustees Wills Abuse Executors Special Needs Law Gap Act Wills and Probate Estate Planning Special Needs Law Month In Legal Terms: Estate Planning
  • In Legal Terms: Celebrating 10 years and Professor Gershon

    We’ve got a fantastic show for you today – if I do say so myself. I’m Liz Gill – MPB’s host. We’re going to Celebrate 10 years of In Legal Terms. We’re also celebrating Professor Richard Gershon from the University of Mississippi School of Law. He’s been here with the show since the beginning. include:former Director of Radio at MPB, Jason Kleinoriginal expert co-host Matthew Hall, Associate Professor of Law and Jesse D. Puckett, Jr. Lectureroriginal producer and host Rita Brent, many other coworkers and former guest of In Legal Terms.Not everyone has the chance to listing to our show live. If you’ve missed any of our program you can listen to the whole show hope you’ll subscribe to our podcast and download some episodes so you can listen offline – in the car, on an airplane, or on vacation away from the internet.You can listen to the whole show on the MPB Think Radio You Tube Channel. I love that YouTube generates a transcript where you can search a broadcast for a word or phrase to listen back to some important information you might have missed.
  • In Legal Terms | A Visit With Commissioner Chris Brown

    Our guest host today, in for Professor Richard Gershon, is Adam Kilgore. Adam is General Counsel for The Mississippi Bar where his duties include reviewing all Bar complaints, conducting investigations regarding Bar complaints, prosecuting attorney discipline cases, handling appeals before the Supreme Court of Mississippi, and serving as Bar liaison for the Board of Bar Commissioners, Committee on Professional Responsibility, and the Ethics Committee. Adam is a member of The Mississippi Bar, National Organization of Bar Counsel, Capital Area Bar Association and the Professional Responsibility Section of the American Bar Association. Our very special guest, North District Public Service Commissioner Chris Brown will break down any and all things related to the Mississippi Public Service Commission. If you’re in need of an attorney for personal injury, divorce, intellectual property, or whatever – try looking through the Lawyer Directory and the For the Public sections of The Mississippi Bar’s website: love that our show is about you and your rights. Your rights are being determined by your Mississippi house and senate representatives right now. You can find out what some of the bills and issues are by listening to the MPB News program @Issue heard on MPB Think Radio Fridays at 6:30pm with extra information on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting YouTube Channel.